When paying for professional photography to sell your home, it's important to showcase the home's features to the max. To accomplish this, there are a list of to do's to go by.

My listings photographer sends my clients this list and I think it's spot on if you REALLY want to make your home look attractive online without the fluff that can sometimes be distracting in the MLS.
Home preparation and staging decisions must be ready prior to the arrival of the photographer. Prepare the home as you would for a showing.

General Areas of the House
1. Have all light bulbs working and turned on prior to the photographer’s arrival
2. Turn all fans off
3. Blinds down and open/window treatments pulled back
4. Hide pet related items including bowls, kennels, beds, toys, etc.
5. Place pets in a separate room or garage
6. Remove all seasonal decorations

1. Remove all magnets, photos, etc. from refrigerators
2. Hide garbages
Empty the sink and remove dish soap and cleaning supplies
3. Turn on lights above the sink, stove and under cabinets
4. Clear the kitchen counters, less is more

1. Hide all toiletries (shampoo/conditioners, soaps, toothbrushes, etc.)
2. Hide robes, dirty clothes and scales
3. Remove all rugs in the master bathroom

1. Park vehicles away from the front of the house so they can’t be seen from inside the house
2. Absolutely no contractors can be working outside or inside the property at the time of the shoot
3. Mow grass and remove all debris from the sidewalks and driveways
4. Remove pet waste
5. Remove children’s toys including larger items such as trampolines, playhouses, sandboxes, etc.
6. Put garbage and recycling cans inside the garage
7. Roll up or store hoses
8. Hide any pet related items like chains, bowls, toys, etc.
9. Neatly arrange patio furniture
10. Remove and store pool cleaner, nets and chemical bottles
11. Cover or clean exterior of grills
12. Make sure water sprinklers do not run for two hours before (we need driveways and patios dry)
13. Remove all seasonal decorations

Twilight Photos
1. Park vehicles away from the front of the house
2. Turn all lights on inside and outside the house including pool and spa (no flood lights)
3. Turn all fans off on the inside and the outside of the house
4. Spa and water features on
5. Outdoor fire areas lit